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About Penang

Capital : George Town
Location : 5° 26′ N (latitude) 100° 16′ E (longitude)
Telephone State Code : 04
Climate : Equatorial
Temperature : 21° – 32° Celsius (70° – 95° Fahrenheit)
Humidity : 70% – 90%
Population : 1.4 million (island and mainland)
Size sq km : 1046.3 (island and mainland)


Travel Advice

Must possess a national passport or other internationally recognised travel documents. Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the period of allowed stay in Malaysia. Check with your own national authorities (Foreign Ministry, State Department etc.) concerning the need for visas, any safety concerns, or any specific restrictions but for citizens of most countries, no visa is needed for short social visits.

Other Information

Drug trafficking is a serious offence and carries a mandatory DEATH sentence.


Vaccinations are advised – check with your medical advisor. Vaccination certificates required. Emergency medical treatment is free. Medical insurance is recommended.

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